JKCCS releases “People’s Dossier” on Khurram Parvez

JKCCS issued the following statement upon the release of "State versus Khurram Parvez: A People's Dossier." Please click here to download the dossier in pdf format. Today, the 55th day of Khurram Parvez’s unlawful detention, marks the 124th day of continued curfew, restrictions and widespread and systematic State violence against the people of Jammu and … Continue reading JKCCS releases “People’s Dossier” on Khurram Parvez

Free Khurram Parvez

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0Mb9etObFk On September 15, leading Kashmiri human rights defender Khurram Parvez was arrested by Indian authorities on his way to a UN Human Rights Council Session in Geneva. Parvez is the coordinator of the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society Organisations (JKCCS). Many CKS members are actively involved in an international campaign seeking Parvez's release. … Continue reading Free Khurram Parvez

Haley Duschinski Speaks Out on Detention of Khurram Parvez

This appeal is issued by Dr. Haley Duschinski, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture at Ohio University. Professor Duschinski conducts research on law and conflict, militarization and impunity, and people’s movements for freedom and justice in Kashmir. Please click here for video This is an appeal to the international human rights community on behalf of Khurram Parvez, the leading human rights defender in Kashmir. … Continue reading Haley Duschinski Speaks Out on Detention of Khurram Parvez