Seeing Delhi from Kashmir, at midnight

By Shubh Mathur Neither the pasts nor the futures of South Asia can be contained within the borders of 1947. The question in the South Asian context is not about the feasibility of small independent nations like Kashmir and Nagaland, but whether the behemoth is viable. Militarily and politically speaking, the answer is, possibly yes, … Continue reading Seeing Delhi from Kashmir, at midnight

Kashmir and Pakistan’s Savior Nationalism

By Nosheen Ali “…While India continues with the worst kind of state terrorism to intimidate the Kashmiris into submission, Pakistan keeps on extending its all-out moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris in their just freedom struggle. The people of occupied Kashmir are once again on the streets, defying curfews and other restrictions following … Continue reading Kashmir and Pakistan’s Savior Nationalism

“Aryan Valley” and the Politics of Race and Religion in Kashmir

This was originally posted on Cultural Anthropology. In 2003, India and Pakistan declared a ceasefire to stop years of cross-border shelling across the disputed Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Declared five years after the end of India and Pakistan’s first war as nuclear rivals in Kargil, the ceasefire was hailed by … Continue reading “Aryan Valley” and the Politics of Race and Religion in Kashmir

Divide and Rule

By Mona Bhan (Originally posted on Kindle Magazine) What are the stakes for Kashmir’s border communities in the ongoing struggle for azadi from India? Those who question Kashmir’s right to self-determination invariably fall back on its diverse ethnic and religious minorities to reject Kashmiri aspirations for azadi. The standard iteration of this narrative is that … Continue reading Divide and Rule

Bringing CKS to Poland

CKS members Ather Zia, Mona Bhan, and Haley Duschinski spoke on a panel  this summer about "Liberating Kashmir from the 'South Asian' past and identity." This panel was at the recent European Conference on South Asian Studies in Warsaw, Poland (click here for the conference program). "This panel will foreground new scholarship that challenges conventional models of … Continue reading Bringing CKS to Poland

The Fight to Free Kashmir Requires Your Solidarity

By Hafsa Kanjwal (Originally posted on Alternet) In the past week, a fresh wave of violence in Indian-held Kashmir has left 36 (and counting) people dead and over 1,500 injured, including women and children. Over 100 youth have been hit in the eye by pellet ammunition used by security forces, many of whom will be … Continue reading The Fight to Free Kashmir Requires Your Solidarity