Critical Kashmir Studies Collective (CKSC) features exciting new scholarship from the humanities and social sciences that challenge conventional models of writing and thinking about Kashmir. CKSC provides a unique source of insight and critical analysis that aims to combine scholarship and advocacy on the region of Kashmir.

Kashmir today is undergoing a critical period that calls out for fresh engagement, as the turbulent cycle of insurgency and counter-insurgency, prevalent throughout the 1990s, has transformed. New phases of the longstanding struggle for azaadi, or freedom, have emerged. For Kashmiri communities on both sides of the Line of Control, these dynamics are opening some spaces for the emergence of new forms of identity and imagination, memory and aspiration, homeland and belonging, and protest and resistance.

Our scholars are committed to serving as a bridge between scholarship and activism.

We aim to:

  • Provide a space for junior and senior scholars to come together to share their work and critically analyze the dynamics, complexities, perils, and possibilities of life in Kashmir. Our scholars come from a range of scholarly backgrounds including history, anthropology, gender studies, comparative literature, film and media studies, religion, legal studies, and sociology. We welcome perspectives that are interdisciplinary, transnational, and/or cross-temporal in their approach. All forms of public intellectual productions are encouraged,┬áby academics, civil society actors, and other commentators and public scholars.
  • Collaborate with scholars and institutions worldwide on hosting talks, panels, workshops, and conferences on Kashmir.
  • Provide resources (including articles, reviews/abstracts of books, images, studies, and reports), as well as news and expert analysis on a variety of topics.
  • Engage with the broader public, including the media, and be available to provide comment on social, cultural, and political developments in the region.