Kashmir, Ather Zia, Srinagar, Critical Kashmir Studies, Mohammad Maqbool Bhat, independence, Anthropology of Policy, Instagram

this is an iconic poster of Mohammad Maqbool Bhat; popularly known as the father of Kashmir’s Independence movement. such images are ubiquitous across the valley, with the Indian government forces close behind to rip them off. this one had escaped, but barely. it lingered on, looking upon people restive to attain a political resolve since 1947. this poster calls Maqbool “the supreme martyr of the Kashmiri nation.” the Indian government in 1984 hanged Maqbool, and his body was never returned to Kashmir. he was buried inside the jail premises; Kashmiris rue “even his corpse is eternally imprisoned.” an open grave awaits Maqbool’s body at the martyrs graveyard in Kashmir. symbolic of Kashmiri nation’s hopes for self-determination and freedom. – Ather Zia

Image (c) Ather Zia 2016. Originally posted on ASAP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIpmwP4BmXx/?taken-by=anthofpolicy

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