Soliciting contributions for a special issue of Himalaya on War and Suffering in Kashmir. Himalaya is a biannual, open access, peer-reviewed journal published by the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (, edited by Mona Bhan (DePauw University) and David Citrin (University of Washington). The special issue summary is below. Please note that we encourage submission of academic articles as well as perspective pieces and other representational forms including artliterature, poetry, audio, and film. Multimedia submissions may be showcased on the journal website. All contributions must be informed by critical perspectives on Kashmiri life and practice. Please submit a short summary statement or abstract of your submission (250 words) to special issue editors Haley Duschinski ( and Inshah Malik ( by April 30, 2018. Final submissions will be due by December 31, 2018. Email inquiries are welcome.

“This special issue of Himalaya presents critical studies of the everyday experiences of Kashmiris to shed light on the social and political suffering produced through long-standing military, political, and legal occupation. Throughout a history of warfare and struggle, Kashmiri suffering  as a social, political and cultural life has manifested itself in affective domains of language, memory, and practice that are inaccessible through conventional forms of legal, academic, and policy analysis. This special issue brings together a series of experience-near accounts of how Kashmiri suffering is embedded in particular social and historical contexts and also shaped by global macro-processes and transnational movements. The special issue moves beyond the limits on academic analyses of subjectivity and focuses instead on archival and oral history, literary and cultural analyses and brings together empirical research and thick description, art and poetry, and reflections on life through war and suffering. Taken together, the contributors to this volume foreground Kashmiri subjectivity on its own terms to open a discussion on what Kashmiri political life entails.”