Title: Kashmir: Dialogues on Women, Gender, Intersectionality, and Militarization, Guest editors: Kaul, Nitasha and Zia, Ather

The Economic and Political Weekly is bringing out an issue focusing on Women and Gender in Kashmir. We believe that this is a very important intervention into the contemporary debates on what is often referred to as “the Kashmir issue”. It is not unusual to find the questions of gender and the role and place of women relegated to a secondary status when it comes to perceiving what is ‘important’ about a conflict, resistance, or occupation. This is visible in many ways – for example, women being seen solely as victims of the conflict, discomfort at the radicalisation of women as political actors, women being excluded from significant political deliberations (often with a symbolic exception proving the norm), women’s access to power being mediated through the relationality with powerful men, use of the discourses of “shame”, “honour”, and moral policing applied selectively to women, in addition to militarization imposing explicit sexual violence directed specifically at women. In understanding the ways in which women are connected to conflict and thus to peacebuilding, we also reach the realization of the greater need to investigate further the corresponding role of hegemonic masculinity and the ways in which this links to militarization and occupation of Kashmir. There has been much work along these lines in recent years, and our aim is to create further dialogues on these themes in the context of Kashmir. We aim to include papers that link women/gender and Kashmir in original, critical and innovative ways. The papers in this issue will focus on themes and topics including but not limited to:

  • Women/gender as a category in the contemporary/historic political conflict of Kashmir
  • Overview and in-depth case studies of integrative experiences of women in armed combat
  • Women and Gender in Literature
  • Gender/Women in Peacebuilding, Activism and non-armed Resistance,
  • Gender and modes of masculinity
  • Perspectives on Intersectionality, Feminism and Third World Feminism in context of Kashmir
  • The issue of Indian left Feminist position vis a vis Kashmir
  • Internal displacement and gender issues
  • Gender and Environment in Kashmir
  • Human rights abuses especially sexual violence as a crime of war in Kashmir

This call is closed for submission and this issue was published in December 2018 ‘Women and Kashmir: Knowing in Our Own Ways, ‘co-edited by Nitasha Kaul and Ather Zia, and has essays by Mona Bhan, Hafsa Kanjwal , Inshah Malik, Mir Fatimah Kanth, Samreen Mushtaq, Uzma Falak, Essar Batool and Aaliya Anjum

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EPW Women and Kashmir Kaul & Zia 2018