When CKS’s Ather Zia was a student fellow at the University of California, Berkeley‘s Human Rights Center, she produced this short film about women’s involvement in human rights movements in Indian-administered Kashmir.

“I have been dashed to ground,” one of the women in the film explains. “One who has felt the pain knows. My heart has been wrenched out. I don’t care. I will search for my son, I am searching since 13 years and will do so till I die, then it’s God’s will.”

According to Berkeley’s website, Zia’s project “investigate[d] women’s agency manifested in the civil society processes against human rights abuses especially enforced/custodial disappearances in the Indian administered Kashmir. This study … enable[d] findings about various aspects of their mobilization and participation as well as issues concerning law, order and discursive construction of the phenomenon.”