On International Women’s Day (March 8) in 2015, CKS’s Ather Zia discussed women’s roles in the Kashmiri resistance movement on Dorabji‘s radio show. This was part of a broader conversation on how women resist occupation in Palestine and Kashmir and the gendered effects of occupation. Zia was interviewed alongside Samia Showman (Palestinian American educator) and Rama Kased (Arab Resource and Organizing Center) by radio hosts Salima Hamirani and Tara Dorabji.


“Growing up and trying to look at my own historical legacy, I found that I had none, because of the way I had been educated in missionary school, in the education system that India had forced on Kashmir,” she explained, reflecting on how she came to study Kashmir. “The way we were educated, we did not know much about Kashmir. And then, suddenly, when you start seeing people fall around you like nine pins, and you see your close friends either die or disappear, you start to question yourself.”

Listen to the full interview on Dorabji’s website.