CKS members Ather Zia, Mona Bhan, and Haley Duschinski spoke on a panel  this summer about “Liberating Kashmir from the ‘South Asian’ past and identity.” This panel was at the recent European Conference on South Asian Studies in Warsaw, Poland (click here for the conference program).


“This panel will foreground new scholarship that challenges conventional models of writing and thinking about Kashmir,” the panel abstract reads. “Our aim is to  re-think Kashmir as an interstitiality – not just a borderland across the Line of Control between India and Pakistan – between Western, Central and Southern Asia, by re-evaluating the commonsensical notions of ‘territory’, ‘identity’, and ‘resistance’ as an effect of structural relations of power and inequality, in the context of governmentality, occupational authority, and institutionalized denial of justice.”

Zia presented “Challenging the sovereign: archival resistance in Kashmir,” Bhan presented “‘Tunneling to the future in India?’ Built infrastructure, public anxieties, and everyday resistance in Indian occupied Kashmir,” and Duschinski presented “Geographies of law and power in Kashmir.” They spoke alongside Rafiq Ahmad Pirzada of the University of Kashmir, Goldie Osuri of the University of Warwick, and Dibyesh Anand of the University of Westminster.