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After the armed struggle for self-determination and independence began in 1989, India increased its troops in Kashmir. today, a 700,000 strong India army exists for a region of about 5.5 million people. that is 1:8; one of the highest soldier to civilian ratio in the world. India has imposed the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, a law denounced by the likes of Amnesty International, and which has fueled impunity by the soldiers. HR organizations claim that more than 70,000 Kashmiris (both combatants/non-combatants) have been killed so far, and 8000+ have been forcibly disappeared. The army and other state forces have carried out large numbers of summary executions, custodial killings, torture, rapes, and arbitrary detentions. A study by MSF revealed that 1 in every 7 Kashmiris has witnessed or has been a victim of torture. the graffiti in this picture says “Go India Go Back” a common slogan admonishing India to leave Kashmir. the Indian government will paint or change words in such slogans, which keep returning with more creative vigor, and stronger words. while most slogans will get erased again; some like this one (which looks quite dated) stay intact – a perishable symbol of imperishable desire for Kashmir’s liberation. – Ather Zia

Image (c) Ather Zia 2016. Originally posted on ASAP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIm508IhXq8/?taken-by=anthofpolicy

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