Kashmir, Ather Zia, Critical Kashmir Studies, pellet guns, curfew, protest, 2016, Anthropology of Policy, Instagram

Kashmir valley is in its 37th day of curfew and protests. The number of killed is 58; more than 5000 are wounded. Most injuries are in the eyes; over 200 may never regain sight. Hospitals look like war zones; with kids as young as 5 brought in for grievous injuries by pellet guns. The term pellet gun is a misnomer because these are actually shotguns used to kill animals. India has deemed it as “non-lethal.” HR groups have denounced its use. It is only in Kashmir that such guns are used for crowd control. Despite the lethal force unleashed by India Kashmiris are bracing for a long protest and have scheduled their daily life around it. The day is reserved for protests; afterhours are used for buying essential supplies. Voluntary committees connected to Masjids are stepping up to deliver help to poorer sections. Soup kitchens are in full go with full support from the business community. In the last 69 Kashmir has lived through many dark phases but the clamor for self-determination and Independence has only grown. As the siege of Kashmir intensifies, people hope their demand for Independence and self-determination will be recognized and their land will be free from India and its barbed wires; forever. – Ather Zia

Image (c) Ather Zia 2016. Originally posted on ASAP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJIfbPphrpy/?taken-by=anthofpolicy

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